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Wonderful and Exceptional

Norse Mythology - Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology was exactly what I needed. The real world has been bumming me out lately, so this was the perfect escape that I needed.


As I mentioned in my previous update, I knew very little about the myths of Odin, Thor, Loki, etc. The little bit that I did know comes from the comics, and just recently seeing some of the Marvel superhero movies.


Knowing that this has Gaiman’s fingerprints all over it, I couldn’t resist. I figured this would be a great way to introduce me to their world. And I was right. The tales in this book feel like a whole novel when you read them all in order, yet some in here are so entertaining and well done that they can stand on their own. He gives you a little background on the main players, setting, and so on at the very beginning of the book without hammering you over the head (see what I did there? eh? eh?) with endless amount of details to slow it all down. He gives you enough to get the feel of it all.


Some of my favorite tales in here were “The Treasures of the Gods,” “The Master Builder,” “Freya’s Unusual Wedding,” “Thor’s Journey to the Land of the Giants,” and “Hymir and Thor’s Fishing Expedition.” They’re all good, but those are my favorites. (Try reading/listening to "Freya's Unusual Wedding" without ever cracking a smile or laughing...)


If you listen to audiobooks, then I highly recommend getting it for this. Neil Gaiman once again delivers a flawless performance. If you’ve listened to his readings before, then you know you’re in for a treat.


These stories are filled with excitement and humor. And they can also get rather dark. I loved this journey that Gaiman takes you on. The only real bummer was finishing it so quickly. I never wanted it to end.


I know it’s early, but right now Norse Mythology is my favorite book of 2017. Even if I do read something else that takes its place, it’ll remain on my list of favorite reads of the year. A winner in every way.


5 stars