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A thrilling, exciting, and bittersweet conclusion to an excellent trilogy

End of Watch: A Novel - Stephen King

My hat's off to Mr. King. He still has it. I never thought he lost it. Sure, a few of his newer works may not always hit the mark, but one thing is certain: the man loves to write. He could've called it quits long ago. You can tell it's not about the money. He loves to tell stories, and he loves to find new and inventive ways to tell them.


End of Watch concludes the "Mr. Mercedes" trilogy. I remember being shocked after reading the first one and saw King announced that it would be a trilogy. I enjoyed the first book so much, I was excited to see where else he'd go with the characters. And as soon as I got to End of Watch, both excitement and dread followed me.


I was listening to the audio book. I started it maybe a week or two ago. And as soon as it got down to the last two hours, I had to take a break. Not because it was bad. Not at all. It was so friggen' good.


I just didn't want to see it end. And I feared for the characters I came to know and love. King isn't afraid to do away with characters you grow fondness for, and I knew nobody was safe in this last installment.


Unfortunately, I can't really go into the story all that much. Because doing so would give major spoilers away from the first novel (of course, if you're reading this you've probably already read the other two). But that's okay. Me mumbling and stumbling about trying to explain the story would do no good. Just know that this is excellent. It's everything the third book in the trilogy should be, and then some.


King didn't disappoint. Not for one single second.


The only disappointment I felt was when it was over, because I knew that was it. But you know what? It was a damn good ending to a fine series. I loved every single one of these books. Finders Keepers, the second in the series, is still my favorite because it especially appealed to the writer/book lover in me.


I loved listening to the audio book. Will Patton, once again, gives a flawless reading. I'm so happy he was able to do all three.


If you haven't read End of Watch, do it now. NOW!


I hated seeing this wonderful trilogy end, but I loved the way King ended it.


5 stars