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A chore to read at times, but I'm really glad I revisited this Faulkner epic

As I Lay Dying - William Faulkner

The first time I ever read Faulkner's As I Lay Dying, I remember not caring much for it. I admired the way it was told, having so many different POV's throughout, but a bunch of it seemed like random inane babble to me at times. And half the time, I missed a great deal of what was going on. This was in college when I first read it, and since it was assigned to us I'm sure that had a little to do with me not enjoying the book as much as I should've.


That was years and years ago. Now that I've finally re-read it, I can say that I finally appreciate it for the unique journey. And while I still did struggle a few times with it during this second reading, I feel like a got a lot more out of it. Tons of dark humor and disturbing events that went completely over my head the first time I read it.


True, I still found myself looking up certain things because I didn't understand. But I understood it a lot clearer this time around.


Even though I enjoyed it a lot more this second time around, and I'm sure I'd read it again, it still isn't perfect for me. Some of the chapters still come off as inane and incoherent, but I know that was the author's intention. I just think he could've toned it down a pinch at times, but that's my personal preference.


Overall, As I Lay Dying is a tale full of bits of dark humor and obstacles. It's the story of a family trying to bury their loved one in a town far away from them, but it ends up being a lot more than that. And nobody leaves this trip unscathed.


4 stars