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An unforgettable debut

Galveston - Nic Pizzolatto

Nic Pizzolatto’s Galveston is dark, bleak, brutal, intense, and at times heartbreaking. And it’s also a fantastic debut novel from a talented writer. The author is also the creator of HBO’s True Detective. This story isn’t as complex as that series, but it does offer complex characters. Characters that you normally wouldn’t care about… you do.


As I’ve said in my previous posts, this isn’t a slam-bam action thriller. There is action at the very beginning, but the rest of the novel is brilliantly paced. It’s a slow burn. And once it finally does burn, it is intense. If you’re looking for a happy story, you may want to stay the hell away. Because by the end of the novel, chances are you’re going to feel pretty numb.


Pizzolatto’s writing is fantastic. He does a brilliant job of capturing the narrator’s voice, and I hope that he’ll write many more novels in the future.


I listened to the audiobook version, and it took me a little bit to really lose myself in the story. But sure enough, Michael Kramer won me over. His tone is subtle and perfect, especially for a story like this.


You won’t find non-stop action in Galveston. What you will find is a haunting and at times chilling noir story. The characters are fully fleshed out and the prose is excellent. This is a helluva debut from Pizzolatto.


5 stars