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I'm an indie author and a scribbler of inane babble. I talk about books I've read/liked. Or at least, that's the plan.


Most of the reviews will be considered "mini-reviews." Usually, it's mostly my reaction to what I've been reading. There are people who are far better at doing full and helpful reviews. But I still have fun doing them, and hope you enjoy them!

Reading progress update: I've read 321 out of 371 pages.

Finders Keepers: A Novel - Stephen King

This is getting crazy-intense. I love it! Love it, love it, love it! Love this fantastic series.


I'm not ready for End of Watch. I don't want this to end. I want them to go on forever...but sadly, I have a feeling that's not gonna happen.


I've heard rumblings about the third one...nothing concrete. I've avoided spoilers. But from the little bit of reactions I've seen, it's supposed to be pretty damn emotional.


But I am loving the hell out of this. And Will Patton just nails the audio book.