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Michael's Book Babble

I'm an indie author and a scribbler of inane babble. I talk about books I've read/liked. Or at least, that's the plan.


Most of the reviews will be considered "mini-reviews." Usually, it's mostly my reaction to what I've been reading. There are people who are far better at doing full and helpful reviews. But I still have fun doing them, and hope you enjoy them!

I lied

Turns out I do have other places in case something happens to BookLikes.



I have a Tumblr account:



As you can see, I'm very productive on that one. :P Jeez, it's been over two years. Pretty sure BookLikes filled that void for me. I'm surprised I even remembered my login info. Go me!


Of course, that's only if something happens to this place. I'm hoping nothing will, but better to have a plan than not. I'm still staying right here for as long as I can. Keeping my fingers crossed the entire way.



I'm also on Twitter. Trying to be a little better on it, but I definitely go through my stages where I don't tweet much. Mostly, it's just stuff I post on Instagram; my pets, mainly. So there's that!  ;)