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I'm an indie author and a scribbler of inane babble. I talk about books I've read/liked. Or at least, that's the plan.


Most of the reviews will be considered "mini-reviews." Usually, it's mostly my reaction to what I've been reading. There are people who are far better at doing full and helpful reviews. But I still have fun doing them, and hope you enjoy them!

Random Babble 4/17/15

Sorry I've been away. I've been mourning the loss over Better Call Saul. That show made my Mondays less crappy!


No, that's not exactly the truth.


I've been away because I'm being lazy again.


No, not entirely true.


Been busy at work with the office move and whatnot.


What was I writing about? I forget.


Who are you people? And stay off my damn lawn!!!!