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I'm an indie author and a scribbler of inane babble. I talk about books I've read/liked. Or at least, that's the plan.


Most of the reviews will be considered "mini-reviews." Usually, it's mostly my reaction to what I've been reading. There are people who are far better at doing full and helpful reviews. But I still have fun doing them, and hope you enjoy them!

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Dziewczyna z pociÄ…gu - Paula Hawkins

This book is so much fun. Dark and exciting as hell. I love the fact that the main narrator (there are three in the book thus far) doesn't remember everything--or at least, that's her story.


Unreliable narrators are all sorts of awesome. They mix it up for you. Shake you to the core. You might want to pull your hair out in agony while screaming WHAT IN HOLY HELL IS GOING ON, but you're gonna have a damned good time.


Can't wait to see how this all plays out.


The audiobook is fantastic.