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Ugly. Dark. Unsettling. Excellent.

Sharp Objects - Gillian Flynn

After loving Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl, I immediately started Sharp Objects. Flynn didn't disappoint me, not for a single second. While I still think Gone Girl is my favorite of hers, I can't help but love what she did with this smart and dark psychological thriller.


Sharp Objects is not a slam-bam action thriller. You won't find car chases. No shoot-outs or breathless chases on foot. Instead, what you'll find is something much darker and more sinister. Something that pokes at your brain, and keeps poking. A bunch of times you want to look away. A couple of times, you find yourself not wanting to find out the truth. Because you know in the end, the truth is going to take you to a terrible, vicious place.


I loved the prose and the pacing. And there were more than a few times where Flynn surprised me. I'll avoid getting into specifics, because I don't want to ruin anything for the reader.


Be warned, Sharp Objects isn't a pleasant read. The book takes its time, but before you know it the book sets its hooks right into your skin. You don't want to press on. Really you don't.


But you can't stop. You have to find out the truth. Even if it sickens you. Even if you find yourself having a little less faith in humanity.


4 and a half stars