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Butcher delivers gold yet again

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher

Going to keep this short and sweet, I loved Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. I'm not sure if I'd call it my favorite of the series, but by no means is it weak. There are times where the action slows down considerably, but when the action hits, it really freakin' hits.


Fans of the Private Detective/Wizard will not be disappointed with this installment.


I love Butcher's straight-forward pose. He shows us so much without hammering us with non-stop details. He is still depending on his crutch word "nod" far, far too much. I really wished he'd cut that out. It's not enough to ruin the reading for you, but once you pick up on it, it really glares at you each time you see/hear the word.


James Marsters does another masterful reading for the audiobook. If you're a fan of listening to books, I highly recommend going that route. He really has embraced Dresden and you buy that he is the character fully. As of right now, I believe he has done all of the audiobooks except for one.


Summer Knight is another excellent installment in this strong series. Filled with surprises, twists, action, and humor, this one's bound to please Dresden fans all around.


4 and a half stars