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I'm an indie author and a scribbler of inane babble. I talk about books I've read/liked. Or at least, that's the plan.


Most of the reviews will be considered "mini-reviews." Usually, it's mostly my reaction to what I've been reading. There are people who are far better at doing full and helpful reviews. But I still have fun doing them, and hope you enjoy them!

Reading progress update: I've read 19 out of 371 pages.

Summer Knight - Jim Butcher

This is how you get out of an audiobook funk. I sort of burned myself out on audiobooks, and had to take a few days break away from them. That's why I switched to reading Sharp Objects on my Kindle instead of listening to it. I couldn't get myself to pay attention when I listened, and that's not on the reader at all. That was on me. I needed a break.


But this is how I get out of that funk: Return to the wonderful and twisted world of Harry Dresden which is flawlessly narrated by James Marsters.


Like the third book in the series, this one starts off wild. It starts off with a bang. Actually, a couple.