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Another exciting and excellent "Dresden" book

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher

Going to do my damnedest to keep this short and sweet. Grave Peril is another excellent chapter in the Dresden series, and it proves that the series only grows stronger with each book. As much as I enjoyed the first two books (the second was my favorite before this review), I think this one is even better. It's darker and it feels like there's even more at stake for Harry than ever before.


Somebody, or something has the spirit world in a complete frenzy. Ghosts are going berserk and becoming violent. It isn't until Harry finds out that it isn't so much the spirits are going out of control by their own doing--but are being tortured to do so--that he realizes there's another angle being played. And whatever is doing the terrible things seems to hold a very huge grudge against him, and will stop at nothing to bring Harry to his knees.


As I mentioned above, this one's even darker than the previous two books, and that's something I absolutely loved. There was no soft opening. The book starts right away with action, and the first chapter or two is intense. I love Butcher's straight-forward prose, although I do have a certain gripe with him: he is too much in love with the words "frown" and "nod." I've noticed them used in the other books, but this time it was almost wall-to-wall. It got distracting at times, but I didn't take away any points because the story is so damned good. Still, I hope he figures out that maybe he should use different words. I could've sworn "nod" and "frown" appeared numerous times in a single page. But believe me, it's a very minor gripe.


The audiobook is of course fantastic, because it is read by James Marsters who once again nails it as Harry. I will definitely listen to every book, except for the one he didn't end up reading.


Grave Peril is an awesome addition to the Harry Dresden chronicles. It's my favorite for now, but I'm sure that'll change as I get deeper into the series. I'm having a blast with these books.


5 stars