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Even stronger (and creepier) than the first book in the series

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher

I've always been a fan of detective/PI stories. I wished I was clever enough to actually write one, but until then it's just a pipe dream for me. When I first met Harry Dresden in Storm Front, I knew I was in for a real treat. Stories that combine elements of horror, fantasy, and a hard-boiled detective/PI book is such a unique and awesome idea.


In Fool Moon, the second book in the series, Harry investigates a series of brutal killings. The killings couldn't have been done by anything human, and Dresden has a feeling they're dealing with a werewolf gone berserk. But is it possible that they're not just looking for one? As with any good detective novel, it's never the simplest thing in the end. There's usually a bigger game being played.


I don't know what else I can say about this other than I enjoyed the hell out of it. Even though this is part of a series, this book is written in a way where if you didn't read the first book, you wouldn't be completely lost (truth be told, I forgot a lot of what happened in the first book). In my opinion, this second book is much, much stronger. It was suspenseful, creepy, action packed, and filled with dry humor. I can tell that Dresden is going to quickly become one of my new favorite characters.


I listened to the audiobook, which is superbly narrated by James Marsters. You can tell he's feeling more at home with the character. What amazes me is that I hear he even gets better as the series progresses (with the exception of one of the books where he wasn't able to read at the time--that one I'll be skipping and will just read on my own). It's a great, quick listen. Once you start, you won't want to stop.


Fool Moon by Jim Butcher is fantastic in every way. I've immediately started the audiobook for the third novel in the series, Grave Peril, and I can already tell I'm in for one helluva ride. I definitely want to read/listen to this entire series. Well done, Butcher. Well done!


5 stars