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While not as strong or as urgent as the first and second, still a really good and satisfying conclusion

MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood

MaddAddam is the final book of the MaddAddam trilogy. Going into this, I knew there was a chance that it wouldn’t be as good as the previous two books, especially since I really loved them. That’s the problem with trilogies, I suppose. It’s sometimes hard to have the third part be completely satisfying. And while I do think this one is the weakest of the three, I do not want to leave the impression that it’s bad. Not at all. It’s still a really good book, and a worthy final installment.


I do not want to go into the story too much, as it’ll give away the events of the first two books. The trilogy itself revolves around a man-made plague, and tells the stories of the limited survivors and the Children of Crake (or Crakers). Even though this is the final installment, like with the other two books a good majority of the book talks about the past of one of the characters, Zeb. And Also Adam One.


I think one of the downsides of this third book is that once again we deal with a lot of events that were in the past. It almost feels like some of this material should’ve been used for the second book, as I was prepared for it to deal with more of the present. And this one didn’t feel as urgent as the other two. I couldn’t stop myself from reading/listening to Oryx and Crake and The Year of the Flood, but with this one I wasn’t in such a hurry.


I know this sounds like a negative review, but it really isn’t. If this is what a weak book in a trilogy looks like, then that’s pretty friggen’ good. Because it is still a very strong book, and a necessary part of the trilogy. I really loved this series, and it’ll go down as one of my favorites.


The audiobook is read by Bernadette Dunne, Bob Walter, and Robbie Daymond. Dunne carries the weight of the audiobook and is once again spectacular. The other two readers were great too, even though Daymond has a much smaller part than Walter and Dunne.


Even though this isn’t my favorite book of the trilogy, MaddAddam is still a satisfying conclusion. Atwood has once again won me over and is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.


4 stars