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Come back, Will Patton! Come back!

I am very psyched about Stephen King's new release, Revival.


Sadly, I'm not as psyched for the audiobook, which is going to be read by David Morse. I was beyond bummed when I found out Will Patton wouldn't be doing the reading, as he's one of my new favorite readers and I've stated that I think he should be the designated reader for all future King releases.


But, I thought I'd give it a chance.


An excerpt has been released, along with an audio excerpt.


Color me unimpressed when it comes to the audio. I had a very hard time telling the difference between narration and dialogue, which is crucial when it comes to audiobooks.


I'm biased, I admit, because I've become a Will Patton fanboy. So there's a very good chance I'm not really giving it a fair shake. *shrugs*


You can read and listen to an excerpt here, courtesy of Rolling Stone